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Thread: Visiting Gastonia/Cramerton/Belmont

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    Visiting Gastonia/Cramerton/Belmont

    Will be in the Gastonia/Cramerton/Belmont area next month for 3.5 days for a professional seminar. While there I fully intend to OC wherever and whenever legally possible. So my question is, other than being familiar with NC laws (which I already am) are there any tricks, secrets or places to stay away from in this area? I know that NC is a Gold Star open carry state but I'm also aware that there is not full preemption of gun laws and don't want to find out the hard way that I'm in a county or town that has additional restrictions on my 2A rights. If it helps I already won't be going to bars, strip clubs, courthouses, athletic or other public events, etc. Basically if I can go to my hotel, get something to eat, buy gas, maybe go into a store if I forgot to pack something and the gun store/range (I forget the name) in Belmont I'm good to go.

    Thanks in advance for your helpful input. Also, if there are any mid week OC meets/dinners in the Charlotte area I'd be interested in an invite to one of those as well.
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    Just drove thru there this weekend and stayed at Kings Mountain to visit Kings Mtn and Cowpens revolutionary war battlegrounds. They straddle the SC and NC border so know there is big OC difference between those 2. This was Bantam chef restaurant in Chesnee SC.

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