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Thread: Help finding a holster

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    Help finding a holster

    Hey all, I just acquired a Taurus PT 111 Millennium and I'm looking for a good OC holster but I can only find it for the pro version. I would prefer a retention holster out of kydex or similar material. If anyone knows of a good site or somewhere to find one that would be great.

    Ps. This gun is awesome for the value, so far from what I can tell.

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    Here is my route for searching for a holster:

    Google with what details are complete enough to keep your search meaningful

    In your case "kydex holster OWB Taurus PT 111 Millennium"

    At the top, click "images" right under the Google search bar
    This will show lots of pics. If you mouse over something you like, you may be able to identify the mfg name. Regardless it should help improve your description when asking for assistance.

    Most manufacturers links:
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    Bianchi makes a beautiful retention holster.
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