[State specific, not OC-Related, but Gun-related.]


The number of concealed carry gun permits issued by the Kentucky State Police has quadrupled in the last ten years.

In that same time frame, the Kentucky General Assembly has eased some restrictions on the state's concealed carry laws.

The Louisville Courier-Journal reported earlier this week state police issued more than 59,000 permits in 2013, a 447 percent increase since 2004.
The headline of the article, that I was linked to this morning by my Brother, made it sound like there is a fixed number of CCDW permits issued every year, and the fixed number was raised to a higher fixed number. Which I promptly laughed so hard that I coughed a mixture of beer, and LSD drops through my noise, and experienced one of the worst, and one of the best, trips I've ever had in my life.