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Thread: Can u shred a US flag ? Sure, why not says appellate court

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    Can u shred a US flag ? Sure, why not says appellate court

    A Missouri man who shredded an American flag in front of his home out of anger over not being able to get a job had a constitutional right to do so, a U.S. appeals court said on Friday.

    I agree ....

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    The meaning/symbol of the US flag rings hollow today. The Pledge of Allegiance, National Anthem are merely empty words, lip service.

    If the flag were a symbol of what this nation has become it would be on a roll in every bathroom across the country.

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    It's political speech. Always has been, although there were times when there was less (or no) tolerance for doing so.

    IMHO one of the few benefits of the flag-burning cases of the 1960s-70s was that folks were forced to decide just where they stood on the whole "freedom of speech" issue. It often takes more courage to stand up and say "I may disagree with what you say, but will defend to the death your right to say it" than it does to expound on some jingoistic dogma about what the flag does or does not represent.

    I'd venture that 99.9% of Americans have no idea what it is like to live in a system where what you say is highly monitored and highly controlled. From personal experience I can tell you that it is a tremendous shock to find out that being an American citizen does not count for squat in certain situations. Being young, and being willing to leave that very day, were the things that probably got me out of the police station without making a lengthy stop at the prison. That, more than anything, made me realize what "freedom of speech" means.

    stay safe.
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    This was the right decision. The act of desecrating a flag harms no one. I can think of a lot worse things to prosecute than this.

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    So long as it's his own flag, no problem.

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