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Thread: "Excessive force" or "out of control"??

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    "Excessive force" or "out of control"??

    Posted in "News & Political Alerts" ( is the story about LEOs shooting 2 unarmed men.

    This is another incident where a toddler was badly burned by a "flash-bang" during a drug raid. While these parents are a good example for birth control, the apparent bad intel by the cops led to this poor kid's harm.

    Toddler burned, critically hurt by flash grenade during drug raid at Georgia home

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    here's the 2 guys' story link ....

    Out of control? Of course, at certain times.

    Unfortunately, these instances are becoming more than just isolated incidents.

    And for the baby's story ...

    another link with pics .... almost blew the kid's head off !
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    ROE Use of Force policy 'tightened' for Customs Border Protectin force.

    CBP Commissioner Gil Kerlikowske on Friday also released an uncensored, scathing report on the agency's prior use-of-force policies. That report, kept secret for 15 months, revealed that in at least two use-of-force deaths since 2010, agents violated CBP policies. The report also states that investigations into use of deadly force often lacked "diligence." Kerlikowske also released CBP's new use-of-force handbook, which includes many though not all of the changes called for in the critical report.

    the new policy spells out that agents are not to step in front of or block the path of a moving vehicle. They also are not to fire at rock-throwers unless they have a "reasonable belief" that there's an imminent danger of serious physical injury or death; when possible, agents are to seek cover or move back "out of the immediate area of danger." The new policies require agents to carry and be trained in the use of less-lethal weapons. Previously, such weapons were optional. The new policies also require additional training and mandate the agency to investigate all incidents of use of deadly force, not just those that result in death or serious injury.

    The use of Tasers is also restricted. Agents can use them only on people who are actively resisting and cannot shock anyone more than three times.

    Blocking a vehicle is their imminent bodily harm from which they are 'defending' themselves. They're motoradores rather than matadors.
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