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Thread: Another successful OCT event

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    Another successful OCT event

    I'm proud to report that I was able to participate in another successful OCT event. Public support for gun rights in Texas is growing, I believe. We were able to hand out many informational fliers and have some good conversations. You probably won't hear anything about it in the media, and that's just too bad. I stand corrected. Please vote on the poll in the first link.

    "I feel like they are doing what they need to do. Trying to educate the public about an important issue. Our rights and privileges are quickly becoming obsolete in the society we live in, why is it so wrong that WE THE PEOPLE are trying to have the right to protect ourselves, trying to take advantage of a constitutional right and some people just can’t be supportive." - Single Moms Pro Open Carry

    I have a few insights I'd like to share. Of course, none of this is scientific.

    First of all, we once again had a significant amount of support from the public. We had people try to give us money, we had people go and buy us gifts and bring them out to us on the side of the road (This is the second time this has happened. I know, right? People in this city are so supportive!), and we had someone invite us to come out to have a walk/hand out pamphlets outside their business.

    Secondly, I went part of the event while carrying my rifle and part of the event without carrying my rifle. It was pretty interesting. As soon as I put my rifle up and began handing out pamphlets again, I began getting questions that I had never gotten previously. People were asking to make sure that I was out there for gun rights! It was as if, without the presence of my rifle, they couldn't for sure tell why I was there, but with the rifle, it was more obvious. Hmmmmmm.

    Thirdly, a previous "critic" saw us, who had not participated in or seen us or any of our events in person, and, from the sound of it, had his mind generally changed based on what he saw us doing.

    Fourthly, there was no noticeable difference in receptiveness with or without the rifle being carried.

    Fifthly, with the event not being concluded more than a few minutes, we were already seeing gossip/lies/rumors on social media surrounding our event. (Don't be naive - you can't prevent people from being ignorant)
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