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Thread: Democrats are at it again

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    Democrats are at it again

    House Democrats introduce gun-control bill targeting the mentally ill in wake of Isla Vista shootings. " Such laws include those that allow police to obtain a warrant to temporarily confiscate a person's firearms when there is probable cause to believe they pose an imminent risk of harm to himself or others." the cop has to believe hell in some states the cops believe if someone has a gun they are a threat. I wont mention states specific but one comes to mind that has the initials NEW YORK
    I truly Love my Country, But the government scares the he!! out of me.

    Congress SHALL NOT receive A salary greater than any service member and will be given EQUIVELANT insurance as any service member

    I came into this world kicking and screaming covered in someone else's blood. And if necessary to protect the Constitution of The United States of AMERICA. I will go out the same way

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    step 1 in taking action

    When this amendment was passed, I checked the GOA website. That site listed who voted for and against the amendment. When I checked the list, I found that the representative from my district had voted for the amendment. I already have a deep disregard for this person since I feel he only got elected out of sympathy for injuries he suffered in the Gabby Giffords shooting. I e-mailed his office and let him know that I feel he has yet again betrayed his constituency. I also let him know that I would do everything I legally can to make sure that gun rights people in this district know how he has betrayed us. I will carry through on this message by sending fliers to all the gun shops I can as well as writing letters to every newspaper in the area. People like Ron Barber need to be out of office. If he betrays gun owners in a pro gun state, who else will he betray in the future?

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    Dems at it again?
    When did they stop?
    Assault Weapon (N) “Any firearm whose design disturbs the sleep of progressive politicians.”.

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