hey blokes, what happened to your English common law? No 2A, can't OC or CC except for the criminal. Now we here in the US are facing many problems as the Fascists/commies/progressives usually in the Democratic party want the USA to be a one big gun free zone. If you notice in cities like Chicago, New York or in states like Illinois, California, New York or other bastions of the above mentioned numbskulls crime is high and so are murders etc... We here have to continually press our state and federal legislators from infringing on our 2A. How are you all coping with your gun bans etc... Now your shire reeve should protect your english common law, like ours are pledging to do so in increasing numbers. In my shire of Pierce in the state of Wisconsin, We are supporting an ex military special ops bloke who has pledged to uphold the constitution not only in name but in deed and protect our rights including 2A. Check him out, you will be impressed: www.billparksforsheriff.com

I would like to know current efforts by you all, as I used to be a student in Bryanston school, Blandford Forum and in Christ Church. That was long ago when you had your 2A.