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Thread: MDA Copyright Infringment??

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    MDA Copyright Infringment??

    I was reading a Dallas Morning News article on OCT and ran across this interesting paragraph.

    "Moms Demand Action has happily circulated many of these photographs, which it lifts from the Facebook pages of Open Carry members. “When you see pictures of what it looks like, it points out how bizarre this behavior is,” said Watts of Moms Demand Action."

    It appears, to this non-lawyer, that MDA is using the works of others to raise money and advance their cause. Are the photographers compensated for their copyrighted work? Are the models compensated for the use of their images?

    Or, is MDA, as I suspect they are doing, using the images they "lift" (read steal) without any permission?

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    I will not use de-FB and so can't see their TOS/AUP pages. I suspect that users grant FB license to everything uploaded and so it is FB that must prosecute their rights.

    In reading background on FUQ, I see that image thumbnails are a fair use, and would argue that anything less than the RAW image is a thumbnail and fair use.
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    No, they do not ask before taking photos from OCT's Facebook pages, closed Facebook groups, and individuals' Facebook pages.

    “When you see pictures of what it looks like, it points out how bizarre this behavior is,” said Watts of Moms Demand Action.

    No it doesn't. When people see what we're doing, they thank us, pump their fists, holler, honk, give us money, buy us gifts, tell us that they support us, that they want open carry too, and tell us to keep doing it.
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    I don't use facebook, and advise against it to everybody. It is a untrustworthy site for any type of internet social interaction or business.

    Get a dedicated website if you do not have one.
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