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Thread: ProtonMail end-to-end encrypted in Switzerland

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    ProtonMail end-to-end encrypted in Switzerland

    A new push to encrypt email, keeping messages free from government snooping, is gaining momentum.

    By locating in Switzerland, ProtonMail hopes to avoid the legal woes of services like Lavabit—widely believed to be used by Snowden—which shut down rather than hand over data to the US government, and which now faces a contempt of court order.

    Even if a Swiss court ordered data to be turned over, Stockman said, "we would hand over piles of encrypted data. We don't have a key. We never see the password."

    One new email service promising "end-to-end" encryption launched on Friday, and others are being developed while major services such as Google Gmail and Yahoo Mail have stepped up security measures.

    I have received my invitation, activated my free account and gently tested it satisfactorily. Try it, you might like it.

    Below are some examples of recommended, and not recommended use cases for ProtonMail.
    [ ... ]
    Private Citizen with Privacy Concerns – ProtonMail is also perfect for an individual (or corporation) that does NOT want the government to have access to all of their emails at any time, and does not like Google or Microsoft constantly scanning and archiving all conversations. With ProtonMail, the barrier of entry for mass surveillance is high enough that mass surveillance simply is not practical. This is an example where ‘good privacy’ can act as a meaningful substitute to ‘perfect privacy’.
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