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Thread: Did CNN just call Bloomberg’s ‘Everytown’ group liars?

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    Did CNN just call Bloomberg’s ‘Everytown’ group liars?

    About time the media woke up and started telling the truth. Bloomers claimed 74 school shootings and the real number is 15.

    Big difference.

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    One, even with millions, cannot buy/make/manufacture the truth. That is why Bloomberg and his ilk will fail.

    The truth is FREE and available to all.
    Better to not open your mouth and be thought the fool, than to open it and remove all doubt.

    You will not rise to the occasion; you will fall back on your level of training.” Archilochus, 650 BC

    Old and treacherous will beat young and skilled every time. Yata hey.

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    And the pres. just keeps on re-uttering the lie.

    That's when I knew it was a lie.

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