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Thread: Major Buzz-Kill - sends out the hounds for a twitter parody page

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    Major Buzz-Kill - sends out the hounds for a twitter parody page

    What a major a------hollly

    So I sent him a note:

    Hey Major,

    I saw that you shut down that guy's twitter account..good for you. I'm sure all resources were focused on getting this next-Hussain off the streets. I feel safer already.

    But since he is gone, I feel a void in the web.

    I would like to use your likeness for a new, more accurate twitter acct.

    Information I would provide members of the interwebs society would be:

    - you enjoy sex with baboons -- but only with male baboons
    - if you have an issue with this one, I could make it all - male & female baboons
    - That you are losing your hair from one of the following reasons:
    a) having too much sex with baboons (duh)
    b) not having enough sex with baboons (huh)
    c) your brain is shrinking, causing the hair to move inside your skull (I think that's at least partially true)
    d) you shave it that way to make yourself more sexy for ....... baboons of course
    - That you never had sex with any girl or boy under the age of 12 (wink-wink!)

    And other insightful observations of your life...we want to know!

    I have some white substance next to me...its sodium chloride I believe .. do you need any? Sounds like you abhor other people who have white substances. Shoot me your home address and some stamps for shipment.

    I will assume you have granted me permission if you do not reply to this email. If not...I hope you will follow my twitter page...I know all the baboons will.


    Next - Major Buzz-Kill Ardis The Baboon Lover- twitter page owner

    And he replied back with:

    Thank you for your message. Your email has been immediately forwarded to an address that is more frequently accessible to me. You are welcome to contact me at home by calling (309) 692-1149. Thank you for your interest in the issues and progress of our great city. Please stay in touch.

    Mayor Jim Ardis
    City of Peoria
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