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Thread: 16 GOP collaborators suck up to Warner for Senate

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    16 GOP collaborators suck up to Warner for Senate

    Any of them support gun rights in Virginia? Any?

    Didn't think so:

    16 former GOP elected officials back Warner

    Sen. Mark R. Warner, D-Va., announced Monday that 16 former Virginia Republican elected officials have endorsed his re-election bid, including 14 former state legislators as well as former U.S. Sen. John W. Warner and former Gov. Linwood Holton.

    “Since no one party has a monopoly on good ideas, I have made it my priority to work across party lines to get real reforms accomplished for Virginians,” said Warner said in a statement sent out by his campaign.


    The list of Republican Warner supporters TRAITORS includes former Delegates Vincent F. Callahan Jr. of McLean, a former chairman of the House Appropriations Committee; Katherine Waddell of Richmond; L. Preston Bryant Jr. of Richmond, who served as secretary of Natural Resources in Gov. Timothy M. Kaine’s Cabinet; Robert S. Bloxom Sr. of Mappsville, who served as secretary of Agriculture and Forestry under Govs. Mark R. Warner and Kaine; Jim Dillard of Fairfax County; Clint Miller of Woodstock, who sought the 1993 GOP nomination for governor and later served on the State Corporation Commission; Anne G. “Panny” Rhodes of Richmond; Jack Rollison of Woodbridge, a former chairman of the House Transportation Committee; and Robert Tata of Virginia Beach

    The list also includes former state Sens. John Chichester of Reedville, a former Senate Finance Committee chairman who lost the 1985 election for lieutenant governor to L. Douglas Wilder; Brandon Bell of Roanoke; Russ Potts of Winchester; Fred Quayle, of Suffolk and Ed Robb of Albemarle.
    How nice. Somebody ask Warner about the Abramski persecution.

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    What I love most about Warner

    is how he claims in his current ad, how he took a $6 Billion deficit and turned it around to a $1.4 Billion surplus.

    Both figures are lies. There was no $6 Billion deficit and the year he lied to the legislature to get the $1.4 Billion tax increase, there was a $427 Million surplus BEFORE the tax increase.

    Tim Kaine took over the next January and 3 weeks into his administration demanded a $1.2 BILLION tax increase to cover his "deficit". (Do the math. Warner left Kaine a $1.87 BILLION surplus the year he took office)

    How do Democrats manage to lose BILLIONS in 30 days between administrations? McDonnell had a multi-million $$$ surplus since he took office. How did McAuffle create a $ 1.5 Billion deficit in 5 months?????

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