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Thread: I could use some background on a 2012 OC incident, please

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    I could use some background on a 2012 OC incident, please

    Any background would be greatly appreciated.

    The above described incident was one of two cited by the author, a current firearms and defensive training officer for a PD, as reasons he "contemplated" OCing. It's clear that he came to the conclusion that OC is bad!

    Here's a link to Buckeye Firearms Association's Facebook post which links to the article and cites the incident:

    And a link to the article on BFA's website:
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    Remember reading about it, but didn't hear anything more about it other than maybe a thread here. That's about all the info as far as I know.
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    I like how the author at BuckeyeFirearms cites the first article, but neglects to mention the parts of the article that note this must be a very unusual occurrence. Basically this is a question of the odds of the gun being taken by a criminal versus its deterrent effect. The extreme rarity of civilian OC'ers having their gun taken suggest deterrence may be the more likely outcome.

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    What I don't understand with these 'OC-ers' are the first to get shot posters is they're not really analyzing their postulate or scenario.

    It's like saying in war, soldiers get shot first. In fact more civilians get killed than soldiers in a lot of wars.

    In order for an OC-er to be shot -because- of his firearm you have to have:
    1. Proximity
    2. Unobstructed access (good shot)
    3. Visibility (night, day, weather, contrasting clothing and holster/gun)
    4. Opportunity
    5. Focus (most BGs focus on their crime in progress)
    6. Time and distance
    ...and a few more things.

    We all know that a large percentage of people don't look at your waist or hip. In fact one guy said that people who do notice OCer in well-lighted stores are kids and people driving motorized shopping carts. They are at eye-level to your waist (and a grocery store is lit up to the max).

    So while a BG might 'see' a gun, if the person is walking and a crowd of people are between them, he might lose sight. If he has a good shot, but it's dark or raining, then he can't draw a bead.

    You almost have to have perfect conditions, the BG walks up to someone, sees the gun, has his gun in hand the OC-er is standing still (since, unlike cops we are not rushing to engage).


    IOW they're mostly retards with a hidden agenda who say that.
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