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Thread: 911 call - to voice mail -- FL guy shoots intruders -- now who needs 911?

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    911 call - to voice mail -- FL guy shoots intruders -- now who needs 911?,

    The four men broke into a Port Richey home early Wednesday morning and began beating up a man, his wife and his stepmother while demanding money and prescription drugs.

    The men left, giving the homeowner time to call 911, but as the dispatcher went to transfer the call from the fire department to law enforcement the caller was inadvertently taken to a voicemail

    I think the voicemail did the guy a favor ... what, you gonna hang on the phone for someone who will show up too late?

    Call 911 after you handle the situation...then you won't care if they are late or not.

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    "The Pasco County Sheriff's Office told the TV station that it's looking into the incident, but that the mishap did not affect emergency officials' response time." lol.

    I didn't even know they had 'voicemail' on 911 systems. I guess it'd be better to have it than not, though.

    Anyway... Yeah, I agree. Defend yourself, then call 911.
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