So I went to collect the big boxes from the night crew at WalMart for the move and had to break them down to fit them in my cart. So I use my S&W knife to avoid mangling the box that will be storing my worthless crap for the next 30 days and the guy unloading the cereal stares at me and starts to back away. Now this is stupid because he has the official WalMart boxcutter complete with lanyard and serpa like holster on his belt at 3:00 and I almost told him that but thought better of it and said "dude you got one in your little holster too. Quit lookin at me like that." He seemed to relax a bit after that. I finished breaking the boxes down and turned to push my cart to the next isle for more boxes and he sees my gun. So he jogs down the isle and I heard a lady say "yeah I've only seen him without it once." lol good god