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Thread: Spokanistan question -

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    Spokanistan question -

    Does the Thomas S. Foley Courthouse in downtown Spokane got lock boxes?
    I assume they got metal detectors and all that jazz at the entrance.

    My wife got nailed for jury duty, and doesn't want to leave her gun, knife and kubaton behind.

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    What NAVYLCDR said. Don't confuse federal courts with state courts (the latter DO have a requirement to provide pistol storage, by state law -- RCW 9.41.300.1(b) -- but this does not (and CANNOT) apply to federal court facilities.

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    No, they do not have any provisions for non-Leo to store weapons. You go in through a metal detector. She needs to leave all of that stuff at home, or very secure in the car.

    Now, if she has a handicap placard, there is a 30 minute parking spot right across the street from the front entrance, she can legally park there all day without paying, if she has a placard.

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