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Thread: New Member saying hello

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    New Member saying hello

    Hey guys I'm Ryan, or XD253. I'm new here, I started OCing back in February for work, since then I have OCed everyday everywhere I go.
    I'm currently live in puyallup, I'd like to set up an event sometime in the near future are this area any ideas?

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    Welcome to the family, I see you have already hit the point where you OC everywhere you can without a second thought.

    check the event sub-forum for OCDO meets in the area.

    Carry on.
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    Thank you, and nice to meet you.

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    Welcome to the forum, nice to feel the Freedom,eh?

    The Whatcom County group is having a picnic in july. I see you have children 'cause this will be a family event. Come on up, bring the family and meet a bunch of us.

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    I would love to but that is a long drive, I will have to get back you for sure about that one.
    I'd like to set up an event for some where in Puyallup I just don't know to many people here as of yet.

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