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Thread: 2a friendly business mention.... Huntin' Camp, 2221 Hwy 25, Travelers Rest SC.

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    2a friendly business mention.... Huntin' Camp, 2221 Hwy 25, Travelers Rest SC.

    Because SC is a non-open carry state, I don't carry when I head south from WNC to the upstate of SC. However, I was headed back north today and stopped in at a little place I have enjoyed a few times. The reason they get a mention - not only is the food good and the prices match, but they offer CWP holders a 5% discount. So, if your on Hwy 25 between the NC line and Greenville and your feeling hungry, stop and support a business who supports carrying.

    Yes, they don't "support" open carry - because in SC it isn't legal. Having talked with the owner, I would bet he would be happy to see SC adopt open carry. But at least he puts his support where he can. As such, I will continue to stop there when I can and I encourage others to do the same. Let him know you appreciate his stand with your business.

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    Portable marquee that shows the 5% discount for CWP holders, Google earth, then street view.
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