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Thread: Anti-gun ad, uses adult toys to, um, poke at us gun owners.

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    Anti-gun ad, uses adult toys to, um, poke at us gun owners.
    A gun safety advocacy group is using sex toys to start a conversation around gun safety and responsibility.

    An ad released Thursday titled "Playthings" shows two young boys running around, playing with large, brightly colored dildos as if they're swords.

    "If they find it, they'll play with it," the narrator says, "so always lock up your guns."

    Watch the ad above.

    The ad comes from Evolve, an organization committed to reducing gun violence while taking no political position on the issue of gun control. The group's co-founder, Rebecca Bond, said Evolve aims to "motivate people to make behavior changes" when it comes to firearms safety and responsibility.

    "We don't think that safety's a side," Bond told The Huffington Post. "Safety in the gun category should be inspiring, people should be inspired to make good choices, and safety should be cool."
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    I never locked up my guns ... so this ad has no affect on me.

    What good is a gun locked up? Don't have it then is my motto....(less you own as investment)

    Gotta have at least 2 guns/room and your carry piece ...

    No kid ever "played" with my guns ... these parents in the video should take their kids to the lake and drown them and get it over with...

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    I actually thought it was pretty funny. If it gets careless parents to lock up their guns and prevent another kid from blowing his own head off, I say it's done some good.

    But I agree locking up your guns shouldn't be a substitute for safety education.
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    I'm all for "anti-gun" groups who try to educate people and change behavior without trying to get laws passed... as long as they aren't flat out lying like many do... whats wrong with that? I think this ad is fine.

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