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Thread: Open carry sketch on radio

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    Open carry sketch on radio

    So I'm driving to Montana for vacation, and I was thumbing through the radio around Cle Elum and got to 95.3 FM and they had this skit with this guy with an extreme southern accent doing a joke skit about how "the brainless godless freedom hating liberals don't like our new open carry law (we don't have one...) and my bartender doesn't understand the only thing that stops a bad drunk with a gun is me, a good drunk with a gun" and it just goes on like that, the most stereotypical thing that can be put up. Of course Washington has no open carry law, therefore it's legal. Carry is illegal in bars anyways and the way the skit was it was mocking anyone who exercises a constitutional right.

    Anyway, I'm open carrying for my road trip

    Wonder if an email to stations program director is an order, oh yeah it's a country music station, you'd think think you'd hear something like this on one of those urban "alternative" stations....
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    Best thing to do is don't contact the station. Wait for their commercials and jot down the businesses that buy airtime with them, then call those businesses up and tell them you won't be patronizing them and why. That will make those idiots at the station change VERY fast, if they don't get fired first.

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