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Thread: Abbott says OC coming to Texas

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    Abbott says OC coming to Texas

    (skip to about the 10:00 mark to hear his comments about OC)

    I know that the Gov has virtually zero ability to get legislation through, but it's still great to hear his confidence. Maybe he can add it to a special session to remove some of the procedural roadblocks.

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    If he becomes governor and it doesn't pass in the upcoming regular session, that is. I'm confident it'll pass in regular session. I'm glad to hear he's confident in it too. If he's governor when it passes he dang better sign it, lol.
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    Wow. That was a pretty bold and definite statement. If I'm elected... Texas will be an open carry state. Let's hope he has the pull to make it happen. As was stated, it's not the governor's job to pass legislation, but maybe he knows something we don't.

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    True, but a Governor sure can do other things to help it along. First of all, a Governor can show some spine and leadership...

    When I lived in TX (Galveston at the time), I wrote Governor Perry and encouraged him to LEAD rather than be a follower (it seems that TX was just following other states rather than break new ground, especially when it came to getting OC). He said he'd sign OC legislation if it got to his desk but he has done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to help get it there. What a loser -- not only on the OC issue, but immigration and education as well. A shameful embarrassment to the Great State (former Republic) of Texas (and I thought Ann Richards was bad, but still, I expected more from a so-called "Republican" Governor, as Bush claims to be).

    Now, if Abbot becomes Governor, I sure hope he does not prove to be a useless, lukewarm and emasculated droid like Perry is...
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