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Thread: Basic Open Carry ?'s

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    Basic Open Carry ?'s

    Hey guys, I'm new to the forum and had a few questions about open carry in NC. I'm 20 years old and currently live in Greenville NC. I attend East Carolina University and major in Criminal Justice. I don't feel my age as an issue because I've had gun safety pounded into my head by my dad since a young age.

    What steps/process would I have to take to start exercising my OC rights as soon as possible if I want to use one of the handguns my father owns.

    Do I have to attend classes or purchase a permit?

    Thank you! Sorry for asking such simple questions haha

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    Anyone 18 years old or older who is not otherwise restricted may OC w/o a permit.

    Yes it is legal to carry a borrowed handgun, if you are otherwise legal to possess, purchase and/or carry a handgun.

    See NC flyer for cliff notes type of reference:
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    welcome to the site and good question(s)

    no you do not need a class in NC to open carry, but i am personally biased that every young adult should attend the NRA's basic pistol class just to provide you with an overview of the principles of firearm safety, safe handling, cleaning storage responsibilities, etc. this serves two purposes, 1) shows your caregiver you are now properly trained which could be the tipping point of them letting you borrow or gift you a firearm; 2) if needed, can also show evidence to judicial authorities you have the appropriate basic background to safely handle a firearm.

    btw, i prefer to have an independent instructor and not relative teach firearm safety as it gets rid of the bad learning your relative might have gotten from their relative. kinda like not passing down bad driving skills, caregiver to young adult, generation on generation...go to a driving instructor learn it 'right' the first time.

    you state your firearm will be borrowed from your caregiver, recommendation and while not needed per se ~ the practice could save you and your caregiver grief in the future if discussing with LEs where your OC firearm came from: have your caregiver give you some type of signed note stating they are aware you have the firearm as well as their permission.

    do you have siblings under the age of <18, if so, by NC statute 14-315.1. Storage of firearms to protect minors; you need to assure firearm and ammo are kept out of their reach.

    NC statutes are located here:

    here is the NC attorney general's overview on NC firearm laws:

    section III D discusses transporting in a vehicle; III E prohibited carry area for concealed carry which closely matches OC'g. grape has already pointed you to the flyer.

    I do not know if your university allows firearms on campus property so you should investigate that through independent sources...

    again mlem1193, welcome...

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