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Thread: Ain't got time to catch illegals -- but 5 yr olds? Watch out you sex perverts !!

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    Ain't got time to catch illegals -- but 5 yr olds? Watch out you sex perverts !!

    The kindergartner was apparently playing on the playground at his school, as kids tend to do, when another boy approached him and demanded that he either pull his shorts down or he’d do it for him. Typical childhood bullying hijinks, possibly, but her son complied and his teacher immediately noticed the boy with his shorts and underwear around his ankles. For his act, Erica Martinez’s son was cited for sexual misconduct on his permanent school record, and he was told to sign the document to confirm it.

    Goooo USA !

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    America is hell bent on criminalizing every single person.

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    When did school principals get tasked with catching illegal aliens?

    Apples, oraqnges, and the best BS that Connecticut can export.

    By the way, I agree that everything that the school system did after the incident was witnessed was several degrees of both just plain wrong and highly illegal.

    stay safe.
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