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Thread: Green Bay Cop Kicks it Old School!

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    Green Bay Cop Kicks it Old School!

    Stumbled across a story about an officer in Green Bay that seems to be honestly attempting to bridge the gap between the people in the community and the people that control police them.

    From the article:

    Meet Officer Joel Zwicky, “Skateboard cop,” of the Green Bay Police Department.

    Zwicky is not your typical cop, for starters, instead of harassing skaters, he’s shredding right next to them.

    Instead of lobbying for more strict laws on skateboarding, he’s fighting to get restrictions lifted; and he’s successful at it.

    Earlier this year, Zwicky convinced the city of Green Bay to lift the skating ban on the 25 mile urban path known as Fox River Trail.

    When rights are outlawed only outlaws will have rights.

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    Well, there's one SK8-ska attaboy for GBPD.
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