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Thread: Now the FOIC is refusing to hear cases because of cases they did not hear

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    Now the FOIC is refusing to hear cases because of cases they did not hear

    Can a case that resulted in a decision of the commission not to schedule a hearing be adequate grounds or provide a reasonable basis, by itself, for the commission not to schedule another case for a hearing before the commission?

    This is a question I posed to the freedom of information commission this week via declaratory ruling petition ...

    The commission is now 100% on full retard

    My last petition, that they decided not to issue a declaratory ruling on last month, asked them to provide the public the numerical limit on the number of appeals one can file with the commission. Of course, there is no limit that they can enforce....legally anyway.

    I have about 20 FIC cases pending before superior courts .... on 25 JUN they were supposed to, under an order of the court, to state their reasons why they decided not to hear a few of these cases .... and they could not even describe their reasons....I foresee filing a motion for summary judgment (for not stating any reasons) or default for not following the court's order. Decisions decisions...
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