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Thread: Boise mall open carry

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    Boise mall open carry

    My wife and I went to the Boise mall on the 4th, so she could shop for some work shoes. From other postings about the Boise mall here, it seems that they do not allow open carry even though no signs are posted that I could find. Yes you guessed it, I open carried my Glock 42 in a Blackhawk serpa holster on my right hip at the 3 o clock position for the entire visit. Went to Dillards, JC Penny, Clarks, and See's Candies with not one word said. The most interesting thing during the visit is when we approached the entrance to the mall the security gaurd held open the door for us and said "good afternoon" as he was heading out of the mall to his security vehicle. The security gaurd isn't very observant or maybe they have had a policy change, I am thinking that he should find another career option.

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    Maybe, he figured based on your behavior and actions that you weren't a threat!
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    My vote is he didn't even notice.

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