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Thread: Free audio/e-book from Adam Kokesh entitled "Freedom"

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    Free audio/e-book from Adam Kokesh entitled "Freedom"

    Just passing this link around to any Libertarians on OCDO that might be interested in this material. An excellent fairly quick read.

    The direct download links for his book are right on that linked page in the format of your choice.

    Kokesh is certainly a controversial man, but don't let that stop you from taking a look at his book. Really good stuff for lovers of liberty.

    Hope everyone had a great July 4th!
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    Bordering on spam. And his button to enlarge the picture of the t-shirt just gets me an een smaller sized jpg.

    But yes, it helps to keep up with what the folks on both sides of the far-out-there field are thinking and saying.

    Caveat emptor, baby.

    stay safe.
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