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Thread: Long gun carry in Richmond, VA draws little interest, some objective criticism.

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    Long gun carry in Richmond, VA draws little interest, some objective criticism.


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    One online supporter offered a bit of advice: “Doesn’t it make more sense to stick to handguns?” he wrote.

    “Don’t get me wrong, I love semi-auto rifles as much as anyone, but for open-carry demonstrations, handguns seem less likely to disturb those with more delicate sensibilities. This issue is really one of public relations, and it’s in our best interest to seem as non-threatening as possible.”

    Even the Virginia Citizens Defense League, a politically active gun owners’ advocacy group, has kept its distance, saying only that it is neutral on long gun carrying as long as it is legal and safe.

    In a recent newsletter, defense league President Philip Van Cleave said carrying a rifle presents certain logistical challenges that are not present with the legal carrying of holstered handguns, such as there not being “drop” safeties on many long guns.

    “Standing up and sitting down will probably require you to actually handle the long gun [as in hold it in your hands]. Doing so could almost border on brandishing and is simply not as safe as not handling the long gun in public,” Van Cleave writes.

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