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Thread: Expandable Baton

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    Expandable Baton

    In addition to carrying a pistol and folding knife, I have recently started to carry an expandable baton in my pocket on occasion. Does anyone else here do this to supplement their pistol? My logic in doing so is that there may be a situation which requires a little more than I can muster with my hands yet not enough where I'd be willing to pull the .45. Some of my friends think it is excessive, others think it makes sense. What about you? FYI: I never OC the baton.

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    It's legal under Arizona statute.

    IMO - it just provides another option, don't see how anyone can consider that excessive.
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    Options are always good IMHO. Another thing that many OCers I know do, is carry a backup pistol. Never know when something can go sideways and you might need to use said backup gun.
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    Well carry what you want unless I were in or working a area that put me in harms way a lot.

    I find BUGs , batons just extra weight to carry now.

    I carried all the options when I were working

    Batons make a good intermediate weapon and if you know how to use them they can be very effective step between hands and firearms.

    Personal If I had to carry something for an intermediate step right now I would carry spray and I do when out running or riding my bicycle manly for dogs.

    Its a lot lighter has more range and works most of the time. Nothing is 100 percent.

    Having extensively trained with impact weapons and use them in really life a expandable baton is on the low end of the list in effectiveness. But are the easiest to carry, a PR-24 or nun-chucks are a lot more effective.

    Carry what you want but for me carrying a baton or impact weapon of any type as a civilian isn't in the cards for me.

    Some improvise impact weapons that don't look like one are useful to carry into or onto disarmament zones.

    I never had security give them more of a glance when carried.
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