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Thread: Lack of self defense

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    Lack of self defense

    Here is a sad story which makes one aware of the need to be able to defend your family.

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    I am not applying the below to this incident in particular, just sayin' here:

    I tell Fathers (or single Mothers) who may be anti-gun: "Okay, that's fine for you personally (it's YOUR life), but what about the rest of your family -- like your kids? Should THEY suffer the consequences of some sort of criminal assault when YOU -- who are responsible for your family's protection -- are unable (refusing by choice) to do so?"

    Frankly, I don't AT ALL care if anti-gun people die from "gun violence" (good riddance, "They should have armed themselves" -- Josey Wales) since we each have to make a CHOICE re: that (and live or die by it), but it's the OTHERS close to them who could suffer the very same violent fate, as the one(s) they look to for protection (since kids can't legally be armed themselves) -- their Father and/or Mother -- fail in that responsibility simply because of na´ve, liberal anti-gun (and anti-reality) beliefs that get their families killed (or worse).

    When I am out & about OC-ing here in the Great State of Colorado, I see MOSTLY unarmed and unprotected families also out & about...sheep to the slaughter if anything bad happens. Sure, SOME of those Fathers/Mothers (or Grandpas/Grandmas) MAY be CC-ing a handgun, but how likely is THAT? We all know that the VAST MAJORITY (about 97%) of decent citizens out there are UNarmed. So the 97% of Moms & Pops out there (Grandpas & Grandmas as well) can't even defend THEMSELVES let alone their kids (or grandkids). And they seem oblivious of that fact. Yet we KNOW that most parents & grandparents (even Liberals) would do ANYTHING for their kids -- except, I guess, carry a gun to protect them, as "guns are bad." So EVERYONE gets killed because of that viewpoint. How does that make ANY sense?

    Well, they will be shockingly REMINDED of it if anything bad's just too bad (and so unnecessary) they must learn the hard way.

    In the meantime, I know *I* -- as a 3%-er (!) -- am covered out there...just wish most other people would wake up.

    Still, it's THEIR choice to be victims...or not.

    WE have chosen the latter course...but most people choose the former, and so shouldn't be surprised when it comes to pass. But still, they WILL be.
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    stay safe.
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