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Thread: Sniper heaven: Pentagonís self-guided bullets leave enemies nowhere to hide. VIDEO!!!

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    Sniper heaven: Pentagonís self-guided bullets leave enemies nowhere to hide. VIDEO!!!

    The Pentagon's Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency conducted a test April 21 with Teledyne Scientific & Imaging. Video posted to YouTube earlier this month shows a round with a ballistic path far from its intended target. As the round makes its way along the errant trajectory it suddenly curves, corrects itself and hits the intended target.

    DARPA had a promising prototype for its Extreme Accuracy Tasked Ordinance (EXACTO) .50-caliber bullets in 2012, but the new video confirms that the agency has perfected the technology.

    EXACTO Demonstrates First-Ever Guided .50-Caliber Bullets - YouTube
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    Whatever, like all our military stuff now in the hands of ISIS in Iraq, this technology will soon be, too. Our American soldiers thank our government for giving-away (or selling) American weaponry -- from tanks to ships to planes -- to our so-called sorry "loyal allies," who are neither.

    We just end up seeing our own stuff used against us in the future...and our military pays the ultimate price for it.

    NO American military weaponry/technology should EVER go to ANY Country, no matter how much they are willing to pay for it.

    But it's not just America being short-sighted/stupid: Israel is probably presently seeing some of those very same thousands of AKs they gave the Palestinians some years back -- when Israel allowed them self-rule -- from the wrong side of the barrel as they once again (as MANY times earlier) go into the Gaza. Like similar incursions earlier to stop the Hamas rockets, however, NOTHING will come from it as Israel is just as pansy as America is nowadays, so the job is NEVER thoroughly done!

    "Stupid is as stupid does." -- Forrest Gump.

    I guess that's what happens when people/countries get too "civilized" -- they can't get down-dirty-primitive UNcivilized when they need to be.

    And yes, VIOLENCE really DOES solve just have to use it "liberally." ;-)
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    Well then! If it corrects while in flight it is not a bullet. Also not a rocket. So it must be a missle.

    I don't recall any tax stamp being needed for a missle, and since it stays pretty close to the ground I'm thinking the FAA is not going to get involved with special regulations.

    Let the fun and games begin!

    stay safe.
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