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Thread: MOC Newsletter July 2014 published!

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    MOC Newsletter July 2014 published!

    The latest edition of the Michigan Open Carry Newsletter has just been published!

    Filled with original articles as well as 250 hyperlinks to additional content, Issue No. 4 has something for everyone!

    Gun Ownership By The Numbers: An Analysis – just how many guns are in the United States, and who owns them?
    The Open Carry Debate – the pros and cons of open carry, and exposing the oft-repeated myths by anti-OCers. Be ready to answer the anti-open carry arguments of your friends and family with some of the best reasons to open carry.
    I Support the Second Amendment, But… – think you support the Second Amendment?
    Lessons From Zimmerman, Part 2 – an attorney’s analysis
    Report on the Romulus Open Carry Demonstration
    Our regular MOC Member Profile – Ryan Ransom (autosurgeon)
    My Open Carry Journey – one member’s experience
    A new Reader Survey

    And more, including the latest on firearms legislation in Michigan and upcoming MOC events. Additional content targets women, firearms ownership among blacks, training, the latest in firearms legislation across the country, and much, much more. Get your copy of this special edition of the Michigan Open Carry Newsletter right now, right here! Your summer reading isn’t complete until you’ve read Issue No. 4 of the Michigan Open Carry Newsletter.

    This July 4th “Special Edition” is a heavily 2A-based issue revolving around America’s independence and gun rights.

    Remember, if you don’t download and read the newsletter, the terrorists win!
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