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Thread: New gun owner....kinda.

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    New gun owner....kinda.

    Ok so I am Active Duty and carrying weapon is not new to me. However, owning a personal weapon is. As a Army Recruiter in Indiana I decided to obtain a CCP (2004) I never bought a weapon. Well yesterday I picked up my first handgun (S&W Shield .40). Washington is a OC state obviously. But I never have seen anyone OC. I see people talk about it, I hear people claim they do, I have just never seen it. Someone with a weapon on them is something I am trained to notice so no one can use the argument that I have but just not noticed. I want to OC as I feel it is a deterrent for a possible crime and to protect my loved ones but I cant get passed the weird feeling of walking around in civies with a weapon. Am I just being paranoid here or is this the same feeling that everyone else has when they started OC'ing and do I just need to suck it up and drive on?

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    Like you I started open carrying for the job, but after a layoff I was so use to OCing that I almost feel naked without it.
    I'm sure you know a lot of the laws but I'd say read up and remember the laws on OC should you run in to a civilian unaware to the OC laws and they ask you about it. Personaly I carry a copy of RCW 9.41.290 and 9.41.300 in my back pocket to inform civilians that do not know if they ask me about it, or should I need it for any other reason.
    As long as your within the law you shouldn't be paranoid at all, should you have to use your weapon the last thing you need while trying to protect a love one or a 3rd party is to be paranoid or worried about what other think about you OCing.

    If OCing counties to make you paranoid or nervous, maybe try CC if you have a CPL.

    I hope that helps some.
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    Welcome to OCDO SSG T! I'm retired Army (2011), and have been OC'ing mostly down here in Lacey/Olympia since 2010. If you want to meet up some time to have a fellow OC'er to get used to it let me know. Also check out the events section for all the upcoming picnics around Puget sound in the next few weeks. There is also a work party at an Olympia range that I will be helping with Saturday:" On July 19th @ 10:30am, The Evergreen Sportsmen's Club in Olympia will be extending out their covered roof on the rifle/pistol line to cover the pistol range.

    They are looking for some volunteer help who can swing a hammer, run a drill etc (fyi, bring own hammer and drill lol). They don't need tons of people, 5-10 MAX."
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    Some people don't feel comfortable carrying, I get that. You seem like you are such a person.

    I would not push a person to carry so I will not tell you to "suck it up".

    Carry or not, its your choice. Perhaps conditions will change where you will feel compelled to carry.

    Since you have never seen anyone carrying, I would come to the conclusion that you cannot tell because people do carry.

    Enjoy your S&W .. a good gun. Perhaps when you become more familiar with the gun you'll want to carry it.

    Now...give me twenty! lol

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    You just need to get cozy and sleep with your pistol. Cock it a bunch of times and you'll get your balls back.

    Jk, it takes time to get used to the idea of OC. You were conditioned to be wary of guns. Try it around the house first.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SSG Temple View Post
    Am I just being paranoid here or is this the same feeling that everyone else has when they started OC'ing and do I just need to suck it up and drive on?
    Your hesitation is not unusual at all. Possibly the easiest way to get comfortable with it is to attend an OC meetup. There are a number of them around Washington.

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