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Thread: Over before it began

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    Over before it began

    Well as most of you know I have gotten my Firearm Rights Restored in the state of Virginia. Saturday I did take the NRA Basic Pistol course which was a lot of fun and really look forward to shooting a pistol some more. The main purpose that I wanted my rights restored was so I could get out in the woods and begin hunting again. Well after reading the law in North Carolina, I can't hunt on my land that I own there. This feels like I got punched in the gut but the good news is I only have to wait 20 YEARS!!! Searching for hunt clubs in the area I just don't have $1,200.00 to shell out for a membership when I only take 2-3 deer a year. It pisses me off That the Full Faith and Credit has been thrown out the window and every time I turn around there is a new law. Hell, any day now I am sure I will be banned once again for possessing a firearm. Sorry for the vent but my wife is tired of hearing me.

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    That does suck but there is a lot of public hunting land in Va.
    Be very selective about any hunt club you join. Many of the dog hunters have one foot in jail and the other on a bar of soap most of the season. You don't need that.

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