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Thread: Colt AR-15 from Puerto Rico

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    Colt AR-15 from Puerto Rico

    I moved to Puerto Rico over a year ago, since then I purchased an LE6920 while here as I have license/ Carry permit here in Puerto Rico, I also have my Connecticut permit, which I changed my address as per required before moving here, I find that I might be moving back as the job situation is not good for me here. what will I have to do with this weapon in that case, I have others, pistols, revolvers long 22 rifle, all which I sent here but will probably send back or fly directly into CT and declare as to avoid any state where I am not licensed, so again what will I have to do with the Colt, will I have to sell it here or leave it in my house here as I will still have the house which I own.

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    Unless it is pre-ban (1994), there is no 'declaring' it. If it is pre-ban, no need to declare.
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    Likely the guy will sell it ....

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