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Thread: Perry sending troops to boarder to defend the Texas boarder

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    Perry sending troops to boarder to defend the Texas boarder

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    Why send troops? Just build billboards that explain nothing but oppression is past that point. Let them know once they get past that point they will be slaves forever and so won't all their kids and they won't ever be able to leave because the US will use violence to keep them here.

    I just had a guy the other night in booking from Guatamala illegally. I asked him how he got here.

    He said he walked.

    I asked him why the f he would walk all the way from there to Mass. He was drunk (hence the reason in booking), so I didn't get a very philosophical response in return. Ill see him again in a day or two at the local park again. I'll make sure I try and get a sober response and post it.

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    Perry looks like he's stoned most of the time. Hey, Dude!!!

    I applaud his efforts, but question his motives. For the WH, it is only a dream for him.

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    And what exactly are THEY going to do? Shoot them? I bet they will round them up, put them on a bus and send them to some place warm and dry, with 3 square meals a day. The news footage shows them walking here like they have an invitation. No fears. No worries, when they get to the border the U.S. with take us in and everything will be fine. All the while our government will keep sending foreign aid to those countries they are coming from governments. Sounds about right to me.... huh?

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    Because money stolen from society given to others somehow isn't force.....

    States are starting to wake up that the Federal government isn't really the boss and isn't really that powerful. I disagree with Texas's stance but the sovereign state of Texas can do what ever the hell it wants.
    I am not anti Cop I am just pro Citizen.

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    of their respect for what only appears to be a law, are cunningly coerced into waiving their
    rights, due to ignorance." (Paraphrased)

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