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    Kansans now enjoy a more simplified set of gun laws, thanks to new legislation effective July 1st of this year. The new gun law, HB 2578 generally bars localities from banning the carry of unconcealed firearms on foot and in vehicles; local government can still limit gun carry inside governmental facilities if it provides adequate security measures to protect the citizens it has disarmed.

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    All eyes now on Missouri's legislature

    Earlier this month in Kansas’ neighbor Missouri, that state's Governor Jay Nixon vetoed SB 656 which would have preempted Missouri localities from banning open carry by persons granted a license to carry a concealed handgun, as well as allowed - but not required - school districts to arm school staff members. SB 656 passed by veto proof majorities in both the state House and Senate, if you include at least 2 of the 3 Republican Senators who did not cast a vote on SB 656.

    Governor Nixon’s veto took many Missouri gun owners by surprise because the legislature had already agreed to strip out a federal gun law ‘nullification’ provision in the original SB 656 which Nixon strenuously opposed. Kansas’ McIntosh was also disappointed because he had expected that the legislature’s ‘Missouri compromise’ with Governor Nixon - to strip out the federal gun law nullification - would pave the way to pass open carry preemption in Missouri at least as to concealed carry license holders.

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    The problem will be if the Dems vote in block....the Repubs are one vote short from over-riding the veto if this is the case. There are two vacancies that would be Repubs, if filled. The Gubbinor has played games in getting them filled....however, they will be filled this fall.

    We will see if they call for a special session and will they bring SB656 up to voted upon.
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