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Thread: Packet sniffer in iOS 7

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    Packet sniffer in iOS 7

    Oral presentation PDF 2.0 MB slides 58

    Identifying back doors, attack points, and surveillance mechanisms in iOS devices

    The iOS operating system has long been a subject of interest among the forensics and law enforcement communities. With a large base of interest among consumers, it has become the target of many hackers and criminals alike, with many celebrity thefts (For example, the recent article “How did Scarlett Johansson's phone get hacked?”) of data raising awareness to personal privacy. Recent revelations (1 and 33) exposed the use (or abuse) of operating system features in the surveillance of targeted individuals by the National Security Agency (NSA), of whom some subjects appear to be American citizens. This paper identifies the most probable techniques that were used, based on the descriptions provided by the media, and today's possible techniques that could be exploited in the future, based on what may be back doors, bypass switches, general weaknesses, or surveillance mechanisms intended for enterprise use in current release versions of iOS. More importantly, I will identify several services and mechanisms that can be abused by a government agency or malicious party to extract intelligence on a subject, including services that may in fact be back doors introduced by the manufacturer. A number of techniques will also be examined in order to harden the operating system against attempted espionage, including counter-forensics techniques

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    Thanks, man. Helpful.

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    No big deal for me. I'm on enough lists that they can come and pick me up any time they want to. And I'm such a luddite that I have almost no idea how to use my smartphone except to place calls and play arcade games. Oh, yeah - and read Kindle books.

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