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Thread: Open carrying in different states question

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    Question Open carrying in different states question

    Hello All,

    New member here. I have a question about open carrying in different sates. I live in Michigan and I have a CPL. If I travel to other states that allow open carry, can I open carry there or do I have to be a resident of that state to do so? I know different states honor conceal carry from different states but, I don't know about open carry.

    Thanks for the help in advanced!

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    Welcome to OCDO.

    One must research and confirm the laws of each state - would you risk your freedom on what someone said on the internet?

    That said, we do have cliff note style maps that will get you started:
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    Welcome to OCDO from the great state of Ohio.

    Ohio is an open carry state and you do not need to be a resident to exercise that right. Your CPL solves one of the issues in Ohio (carrying a loaded handgun in the car) but as with other states you do need to be cautious of the Federal Gun Free School Zone Act.
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    I am not aware of ANY state that has OC -- at least those where it's UNpermittted OC (as it SHOULD be), that is -- that require one to be a resident in order to OC.

    Just BE there.

    For one example: When I lived in No-OC TX, as soon as I crossed the state line into NM -- as I did often to visit -- I went into "OC mode." Coming back into TX I did the reverse.

    Same for AZ and AK...TMK. And here in CO for sure: Just be there!

    What a hassle though, trying to keep all the laws straight! As well, the OC situation in the 50 states is highly DISCRMINATORY: An American citizen of one sate that has unpermitted ("free") OC can step into another state right next door that does NOT have it -- even though BOTH states are supposed to be part of the so-called Union and therefore supposedly part of the same "America" -- so we ALL, as Americans, should have the same rights. Especially the same Bill of Rights, which includes the 2nd Amendment/RKBA.

    But we don't. Our "rights" depend on what state we live in.

    Yet for years now, the sorry SCOTUS finds none of that blatant DISCRIMINATION practiced by certain states and UNequal application of the law of the land (the US Constitution) UNconstitutional!

    What a useless group of black-robe-wearing people!

    The cowardly SCOTUS deserves the disgust & disrespect it has so well & truly earned...
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    By far, this website is the best and most accurate resource I've found on reciprocity maps. That's best for navigating the CC landmine. The website also sports a number of good articles related to OC.

    As for OC, it's much simpler: Just check OCDO's Maps section.
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