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Thread: Completely fractured en banc 7th Circuit opinion on due process, $30 arrest fee

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    Completely fractured en banc 7th Circuit opinion on due process, $30 arrest fee

    By Will Baude July 22 at 3:34 PM: For the past several months Iíve been kind of perplexed by a due process case pending in the 7th Circuit. The case was argued en banc last month, and it presents a question posing a tricky mix of substantive and procedural due process ó is it constitutional for a city to impose a $30 fee on everybody who is arrested and booked at the police station, at the time of booking?

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    I like the ride !

    But charging $$ for being arrested?

    Its an act of war IMO.

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    Much ado about nothing, the city code was repealed....besides it was a $30 fee to be bailed/bonded out, not for being merely arrested, apparently. ILL-inois does not, according to the decision, permit private bail bondsmen.
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