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Thread: Colorado gun crackdown law found to be built on faulty data.

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    Colorado gun crackdown law found to be built on faulty data.

    The data used to justify a law in Colorado that expanded background check mandates on all gun buyers is false, flawed and faulty, a media-driven analysis showed.

    The Associated Press looked at state data that’s been compiled over the past year that the background check requirement has been in effect, and found in a key budget report that the projected impact had been massively overstated.

    Now even at least one Democratic lawmaker wants to investigate whether or not millions of taxpayer dollars were misallocated based on the flawed projections — while Republicans are picking up where they left off a year ago and denouncing the regulatory crackdown on the Second Amendment, AP reported.

    The AP -
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    Twisting facts to support their positions is modus operandi for Democrats, in this effort and literally thousands of others spanning the last thirty years.
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