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Thread: NAPOLITANO: What if our democracy is a fraud? Perhaps we’re not as free as we think.

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    NAPOLITANO: What if our democracy is a fraud? Perhaps we’re not as free as we think.
    • What if you were allowed to vote only because it didn’t make a difference?
    • What if democracy as it has come to exist in America today is dangerous to personal freedom?
    • What if the purpose of contemporary democracy has been to convince people that they could prosper not through the voluntary creation of wealth but through theft from others?
    • What if governments were originally established to protect people’s freedoms but always turn into political and imperialist enterprises that seek to expand their power, increase their territory and heighten their control of the population?
    • What if the fatal cocktail of big government and democracy ultimately produces dependency?
    • What if Congress isn’t actually as democratic as it appears?
    • What if the problem with democracy is that the majority thinks it can right any wrong, write any law, tax any event, regulate any behavior and acquire anything it wants?
    • What if the government misinforms voters so they will justify anything the government wants to do?
    • What if we could free ourselves from the yoke of big government through a return to first principles?
    • What if the late progressive Edmund S. Morgan was right when he said that government depends on make-believe?
    • What if the government believes in make-believe?
    • What if the government made believe that it is always right?

    What if the government remains the same no matter who wins elections? What if we have only one political party — the Big Government Party — and it has a Democratic wing and a Republican wing? What if both wings want war and taxes and welfare and perpetual government growth, but offer only slightly different menus on how to achieve them? What if the Big Government Party enacted laws to make it impossible for meaningful political competition to thrive?
    Only The Constitution Party represents America's conservative Country Class against the progressive Ruling Party — "the Big Government Party — of progressive republicans, democrats and libertarians.
    I am responsible for my writing, not your understanding of it.

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    Unfortunately, the constitution party wants to support the same gov't scheme...

    You do not want to know what my ideal gov't system should be ... but it ain't a republic as we know it...

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    Legitimate democracy doesn't produce liberty, that a democracy is fraudulent isn't simply the reason the people are burdened by it and less free under it.

    Also, would it really be accurate to categorize the original US government design as a democracy?
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    There is NO "what if" about it in any way, shape, or form! OUR "democracy" IS A FRAUD! We don't live in a Democracy. We have NEVER had a democracy. We do have a Constitutional REPUBLIC! They are NOT the same thing! ANd I'll argue that against the Judge!
    RIGHTS don't exist without RESPONSIBILITY!
    If one is not willing to stand for his rights, he doesn't have any Rights.
    I will strive to stand for the rights of ANY person, even those folks with whom I disagree!
    As said by SVG--- "I am not anti-COP, I am PRO-Citizen" and I'll add, PRO-Constitution.
    If the above makes me a RADICAL or EXTREME--- So be it!

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