explaining how expensive the cigarettes are here in Canada, he hates Canada," passenger Bettina Bathe told CTV News. "Then he said, with great expression using his hands, 'I just want to bomb Canada.'"

OK, he said he wants to bomb canada after complaining about high cig taxes .... now, could he have bombed canada? No. Not really. A threat has to have some degree of believability. One commenter on the stories said that they should have landed in VA where cigs are cheaper...

And his mother noted: Hes very safe. Hes a good boy

Well, there you go ... his mommy said he's safe.

Sounds like a typical over-medicated/under-medicated person making an off-the-cuff statement not meaning anything.

I need medications after reading this guy's story. The kids was in US airspace when he made the statement (most likely - Toronto to Panama - 45 min into flight - F16 escort). So hey, lets fly back to the place he wants to destroy !