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Thread: Wife got her pistol!

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    Wink Wife got her pistol!

    Howdy all,

    Okay so after months of discussion, and testing and trying, she finally decided and
    last week we got her, what she wanted and what she felt good with.

    My wife is now the proud owner of a S&W M642 .38 SPL.

    It's a nice little piece. Fits well in her hands and is easy for her to work.

    Pretty much everything she wanted in a gun, and is able to handle.

    Currently in our gun cabinet at home, and she has an appt. this Friday for her L1, and
    to submit for her LTCH.

    Unfortunately she isn't comfortable with OC, so she will be CC'ing....

    But it's a step in the right direction.
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    In the beginning we all acquired a gun - then we pondered the next step.

    She has begun a great journey.
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