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Thread: Book opinions please.

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    Question Book opinions please.

    Found this book at the library..."Gun Guys A Road Trip'' by Dan Baum - a self-professed New Jersey Liberal Jew.

    If any have read this, share your opinion. He (to me) comes across as not entirely anti-gun, nor a true supporter either. He travels cross-country looking at every gun shop and range he can find, interviewing whoever will sit still long enough.
    Lots of warts and narrow-mindedness, as well as some interesting, positive surprises along the way.

    Quick read. Alfred A. Knopf, 2013.

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    I've had the misfortune to have read his book. Maybe that's a clue aout how I feel about him and about his book.)

    He's a Fudd and a gun-but-er that seems not able or willing to trust himself or anybody else with a gun that is not weighted down with government regulations and restrictions. A lot of what he advocates for is not what most folks (here on OCDO or elsewhere in the "gun community") would call "reasonable".

    IMHO he is worse than a fence-sitter. I don't recall precisely but seem to have the recollection that he had not gotten around to answering the question "Am I ready and willing to pull the trigger without hesitation if faced with a life-or-death situation?" I'm not sure that he even had resolved in his own mind what a life-or-death situation would be without having to wait for the other guy to shoot/stab/club/hit him first.

    But as long as it is from your library and thus not adding royalties if you check it out and read it it might be worth the effort to see what he has to say.

    stay safe.
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    ...liberal...all I need to know. I suspect that everything past the "self proclaiming" part is nothing but bush-league psych-out stuff.
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