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Thread: The other place in the American Empire

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    The other place in the American Empire

    After watching this quick video on the American Empire, in the section named US territories, I'm surprised that American Samoa is not listed... how come? Does the US constitution not apply there? Do they not have (or report on) 2nd amendment issues?

    (It makes sense why...Howland, Narassa, Wake, Jarvis, Johnston Atoll, Kingman Reef, Midway, Baker, Serranilla Bank, Bajo Nuevo Bank, and the Palmyra Atoll are not listed there)

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    There is no Second Amendment in American Samoa... there is no legal protection for owning guns like that. There are some laws around it... They are not allowed to own any type of handgun, or automatic, or semi-autmatic guns of any type. They can have .22 rifles, and .410, 12, 16, 20 shotguns.... They must have a gun owners license to have those, with a valid reason for needing the weapon.

    Check out info here...

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