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Thread: My Voting Strategy for the 2014 Elections

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    My Voting Strategy for the 2014 Elections

    Here's my voting strategy for the elections in 2014: To vote for the most likely non-Democrat candidate to fill the position. The Democrat party has very clearly demonstrated their complete inability to accomplish anything worthwhile in our nation, and they are officially anti-gun.

    Voting for one's "favorite," if they have no reasonable chance of winning, is futile. It's asininely stupid, merely handing yet another vote to the Dems. Be SMART! Game Theory 101 - vote for non-Democratic WINNERS, not some loser who'll suck your vote into oblivion.
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    I disagree wholeheartedly. To say the best candidate doesn't have a chance of winning, and therefore you won't vote for them, is a self-fulfilling prophecy. They will or won't win depending on the number of people that have enough combination of intelligence and conscious to vote for them. You've just added yourself to the ranks that don't.

    Ultimately it's a broken system, even if all of the right candidates won. The least I can do is cast a vote for someone that it might actually be worthwhile having in office. Having the candidate that you cast a vote for win might release some chemicals in your brain that make you feel good, but what else about it is worthwhile if they aren't the right candidate for the job? That is a sad reason to vote for someone, just to be on the 'winning team' and feel a little better.
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    Sadly folks have been sold on the idea that if they vote for anything other than an Rep and Dem they are throwing their vote away... or worse yet... helping elect the very ones they wish to oust. That idea is nothing more than the propaganda spread to ensure only an Rep or a Dem gets elected. Now why would anyone want to limit elections to just a 2 party system? Because there isn't any significant difference between Rep or Dem since both are just different aspects of the progressive ideology... neither party or the parties candidates care about the country, "we the people", or the Constitution!, but are only interested in keeping the progressive ideology in power.

    And when folks buy into the idea they are "wasting their vote" they are also buying into playing the rigged political game of presenting voters with candidates who are really the same progressive ideology ... just wearing different faces.

    Voters been complaining for a very long time that their only choice was to vote for the lesser of two evils. But no matter who got voted in it was still......... evil. And the system is set up to insure exactly that.

    The only way to upset the Rep and Dem machine for staying in power is to vote for whoever is the best for the job regardless of their party affiliation. Doesn't matter if they are Rep, Dem, Independent, or whatever.... mix it up and the progressive ideology will no longer be in power. But in order to do that folks have to understand the only way they are throwing their vote away is when they vote for the lesser of two evils because they are still voting for.......... evil.
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