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Thread: Good to see "Old Hippie" Gov. Abercrombie got kicked-out in the Primary, but...

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    Good to see "Old Hippie" Gov. Abercrombie got kicked-out in the Primary, but...

    ...not sure it will help any down the road if the effort to get Hawaii to go from "may-issue" to "shall-issue."

    After all, HI still has its liberal anti-gun HPD Police Chief Louis "no-issue" Kealoha (Abercrombie's drinking-buddy), and if the Republican candidate for Governor doesn't win, then it's not likely anything pro-gun will happen (even in the HI State Legislature) -- so no real chance HI will go "shall-issue" on its own as it SHOULD have long ago. So as expected all long, it will have to be forced to do so by the courts.

    Not that a Republican Governor is any guarantee of "Hope & Change," of course -- former Gov. Lingle was pretty useless -- but having a Republican Governor would be at least encouraging, if not SOME help (just not RINO Lingle again).

    ...just posting this "observation" partly because the Hawaii sub-forum is so (and typically) quiet...which isn't surprising as they have no OC or CC there. :-(

    Still, there should be something to talk about: How to GET it, yes? ;-)
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    The victory is all the more remarkable when you consider that Ige was barely known across the state when he launched his campaign and ended up spending a mere $500,000 compared to Abercrombie’s $5 million, notes the Hawaii Reporter. Plus, President Obama had endorsed Abercrombie. ^

    Who else wants Obummers endorsement?

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