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Thread: Dealers have 48 hours to report 0.0125% firearms lost in transit, ATF proposes rule

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    Dealers have 48 hours to report 0.0125% firearms lost in transit, ATF proposes rule

    Within the last 15 years, gun thefts that happen during transport have increased 20 percent, the ATF said. From 2008 to 2012 there were about 1,500 cases where agents traced guns that weren’t reported as missing and dealers said they never received them, the agency said.
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    Last year, the FBI conducted more than 21 million background checks — the most ever — which are often used as a signal on how many guns are sold. If only 1,500 were stolen during transit, out of more than 12 million sold, then the industry is already doing a good job and no rule-making is needed ...
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    At what point will Federal Firearms Licensees know that a firearm that they have not received is in fact lost? In other words, when does the 48-hour clock start?

    Most FFLs seem to use USPS for shipping firearms - because they can and because it is far less expensive than UPS/FedEx. USPS has a long tradition of having letters and packages sit for literally decades before being delivered - and usually without any explanation of why or any apology for the delay. So if USPS has the package and just has not gotten around to delivering it yet, can you really say the firearm is lost?

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